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OFCOM to tackle speed grievances

Posted by Dan Pope on 26/07/10 11:16

When it comes to obtaining the right internet line for your needs, the speed of the connection is fundamental in the decision making process.


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100 Mb/s Britain. The emperor has no clothes

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/03/10 07:18

There has been much discussion recently about the best way of ensuring that 100 Mb/s of broadband can be delivered to two thirds of UK homes by 2017. When BT announced that it was working with OFCOM to facilitate this, the Conservative party announced that it would make BT break up and divert BBC license revenue to make it happen. The blogs and discussion rooms went into overdrive, opining on the best way to make this happen. The contributors were almost fanatical in their support of the initiative, but  absence of serious questioning about why this 100Mb/s has become a national priority and a political football is mystifying.


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The impact of LLU services in the UK

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/09/09 09:34

In 2005 Ofcom negotiated a deal with BT to set up the Openreach local access division to offer services to other ISPs. LLU (local loop unbundling) allowed ISPs to install their own equipment in BT exchanges and gave network providers the opportunity to innovate and differentiate their product offerings and provide higher bandwidth services as well as improved service levels.


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