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Introducing Cyber as a Service

Posted by David Woodfine on 08/12/21 16:18

The ideal solution to deal with your security woes. Ever heard of a successful breach that didn’t take advantage of a vulnerability in a firm’s cyber security posture? Neither have we! Staying one step ahead of cybercriminals is challenging. Once a vulnerability is identified, there is nothing to stop cybercriminals from trying their luck.

So, how can you help prevent a cyber security breach from succeeding? In this blog post, we give you the lowdown on three common security challenges that contribute to a cybercriminal’s success rate and the ideal solution you need to effectively deal with each of these security woes! 

Introducing Cyber as a Service

The Three Challenges

Moving Goalposts

The requirements needed to keep your organisation safe from cyber security risks are ever-changing. This is because cybercriminals are constantly discovering new methods of hacking and ways to infiltrate existing security systems. They are forever poking at suspected vulnerabilities to see where they can successfully break through and get onto your network. To stay safe, your cyber security solutions need to move with the times, constantly evolving and improving to remain as watertight as possible.


Existing Infrastructure

Think that the security infrastructure you put in place five years ago is still effective? Think again! If you haven’t recently updated your existing security infrastructure, then it may no longer be fit for purpose. Many organisations have changed their IT services in the last few years by embracing more Cloud-delivered services. They have also had to make adjustments to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of these IT changes, cyber security needs to change, too. More company data and applications are now held by third parties, meaning staff can regularly access and interact with data without needing to connect to the company network. The shelf life and applicability of security products are often far more limited than you might expect.


Infrastructure Deployments 

Depending on how, when, and by whom they were deployed, new infrastructure and security tools may not have been fully implemented to serve their purpose. Additionally, new security features may not have been turned on through fear of breaking existing services. Your infrastructure might also be outdated with known vulnerabilities, leaving it exposed to newer hacking techniques since it doesn’t have the updated software to effectively protect against them.


The Ideal Cyber Security Solution


Now we know the challenges we face, an effective cyber security solution needs to be far more than an annually updated security program, or even a suite of programs. The challenges around cyber threats are ever-evolving, so our solution needs to be too! 

That’s why our expert cyber partner, Cyber Security Associates, has launched its ‘Cyber As A Service’ solution to bring together consultancy, training, testing, monitoring, and protection on an ongoing basis. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, CSA provides a holistic package that guarantees the best in cyber security for your organisation. 


What Does ‘Cyber As A Service’ Include?


Technical Security

Consultancy and Assessments

Training and Awareness

SOC with SIEM 

NIST, CAF, CIS, ISO27001, PCI, CE+, and Bespoke maturity assessments

Access to a unique eLearning cyber training platform with online modules covering a wide range of topics

Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

Technical assessments for better visibility across the cyber landscape

Face to face sessions with up to 30 people per session

Microsoft 365 Security Audit

Process and incident role mapping

Custom-made desktop simulation exercises

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing through the internal and external infrastructure, wireless network, and web apps

Incident testing exercises and ongoing consultancy

Targeted “phishing” emails to test staff awareness to threats



If you are concerned about your current cyber security infrastructure or want to have a more robust solution in place, then don’t delay! Get in touch with our expert cyber partners at Cyber Security Associates to take advantage of the tools, skills, and services they offer to keep your data protected. 

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About the author

Dave Woodfine, Co-founder and Managing Director, Cybersecurity Associates


Dave is an ex Cyber Commander working for the Royal Air Force and GCHQ. Now with years of commercial experience, Dave is an expert in cyber risk management and shaping cyber security strategies.





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