Is Copilot costly? Perhaps. But the cheaper alternatives pale in comparison..

Posted by Steve Brown on Apr 18, 2024 10:30:00 AM
Is Copilot costly? Perhaps. But the cheaper alternatives pale in comparison..

At first glance, the subscription cost of Copilot for Microsoft 365 may seem high compared to other AI assistants on the market. However, Copilot provides profound advantages that deliver outstanding value for the investment when deployed across an organisation. Let’s go through four key benefits that make Copilot the superior choice for deploying AI in your business.

Better comprehension

First, Copilot produces higher-quality content tuned to individual users' tone and context. Its advanced natural language models were trained on billions of words to generate suggestions with domain specificity, clear structure, and semantic logic. This level of comprehension and precision assistance simply cannot be matched by more basic AI aids, and the immediate uplift in employee productivity and content quality alone quickly offsets Copilot's upfront cost when scaled.

Unmatched integration

Second, Copilot integrates seamlessly into Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Outlook and PowerPoint – tools that employees already use daily. Its suggestions draw connections between open Word docs, recent Outlook emails, Excel data and PowerPoint slides to offer relevant recommendations personalised to the user. And perhaps most importantly, this deep integration means your data doesn’t leave your environment. Third-party apps – even premium AI assistants – simply don’t integrate with Microsoft Office in the same way, and no other AI can fully automate Office applications.

Contextual advantage

Third, Copilot is designed to learn the nuances and semantics of your business in order to offer context-awareness across documents and applications. In-line recommendations enable easy acceptance, editing or rejection of AI-generated text as users write, and the frictionless in-workflow integration makes augmenting work effortless. Other AI assistants lack this unified cross-app experience and context.

Superior security

Fourth, Copilot provides enterprise-grade security, compliance and responsible AI development essential for business use. Its models were trained in secure enclaves with encryption, access controls and ethical data practices baked in. Free AI lacks the rigorous controls needed for enterprise-wide deployment. And while there’s no monthly payment, it comes at a cost in the sense that your data may very well enter the public domain or be quickly monetised by the developer. Simply put, you are compromising the security of your business. And while other Premium AI assistants may not seek to monetise your data, they still compromise security by prompting users to feed potentially confidential information into external tools. With Copilot, data never egresses beyond your Azure instance. Plus, ongoing monitoring, best practice adoption and responsible open-source contribution uphold high standards.

The ultimate companion

In total, Copilot's superior AI quality, frictionless integration, cross-application awareness, and enterprise-class governance provide unmatched value for modern knowledge attribution. The sheer boost in employee productivity and content quality enables organisation-wide offsets its subscription cost for most enterprises. While cheaper on the surface, basic AI tools carry hidden costs of imperfect writing, disjointed workflows, and business risks.

For productivity-driven organisations, Copilot's enterprise-ready capabilities are well worth the premium. Speak to the team at FluidOne to find out how adopting Copilot can boost productivity, efficiency and creativity across your business – fast.

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