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Connectivity struggles with more than just speeds

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/01/12 09:57
Ok, so I live out in the country and I’m in the privileged position of getting almost 3Mb/s on my ADSL line at home.

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With technology moving so quickly, how possible is it to future proof yourself?

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/07/11 13:03
I remember when a 2Mb/s ADSL connection was called future proofing, but you need to remember a lot of businesses at that time were still using 64Kb/s ISDN lines.


Defining an SLA

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/06/11 10:35
In the business world, network redundancy has been high on the agenda post 9/11. We’re in an age where businesses are increasingly reliant upon technology to underpin their day to day operation; prolonged network failures are more costly than ever before.

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Playroom Mk2

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/04/11 11:00
Nearly exactly a year after we signed the lease for our new office, our new demo suite is now ready. I have spoken before about our old playroom in our previous office on Tooley Street and we wanted to replicate it when we moved office. We did nearly straight away but with the worst copper known to man coming into the building (the site flooded twice in two years…) speeds were not that impressive. Also because of the layout of the office we couldn’t just replicate the playroom like for like and needed to find a new way to demo our products and services.

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How fast is my service?

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/09/10 15:26
With Ofcom keen to set restrictions on advertised internet speeds, it is important to remember the difficulties in assessing the potential speed a user can get until the service has been installed. Back in the old days with fixed rate products, such as BT ADSL IPStream and SDSL, it was much easier to downgrade a user’s service to the next available product if the bandwidth they desired was technically not possible to deliver. However with the advent of ‘up to’ services customers receive the fastest speed their line can support for the same monthly charge.

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It’s not all about headline speeds

Posted by Dan Pope on 08/02/10 09:29
I recently handled an enquiry with a prospect whose VC system was being let down by its underlying internet connection. The connection in place was a cheap Annex-M (O2) solution, the problem an unsatisfactory upstream data transfer rate that was fluctuating between 0.8 Mb/s and 1.3 Mb/s and accompanied by high jitter. His incumbent provider had informed him that with his line length too long for SDSL (2.4KM),  the only solution to improve his upload would be a bonded solution or leased lines; as he was already running on the quickest ADSL technology available.

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