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World Cup technology and what the tournament might mean for your network

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/06/14 15:58

The introduction of a goal-line decision system has hogged all the headlines about technology in this year’s tournament, but it’s just one of many technologies making their world cup debut. Of course it’s a rather belated entrance for goal line technology, which has been used in various forms across other sports for many years, so we’re not really hailing a new innovation here, more celebrating the fact that Fifa have finally embraced it. That’s not to say the Goalcontrol4D system isn’t impressive; equipped with 14 high speed cameras it monitors both goal mouths and the position of the ball in three dimensions. Once it’s detected that the ball has crossed the line it sends an encrypted radio signal to a referees watch in less than a second- so there’s no stop/starting with the match.


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What is Big Data and how can it help?

Posted by Dan Pope on 07/06/13 09:30

Big Data is the latest tech industry buzzword, but what is it and how does it affect us? Well in the simplest terms it denotes a large (very large in fact) amount of data. We’re talking about a classification which deems 30-50 terabytes a “minimum”. To place that into perspective, one terabyte of audio recorded at CD quality will contain around 2,000 hours of audio, while the first 20 years’ worth of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope has equated to more than 45 terabytes of data! This collection of information, which can take a multitude of forms; text, imagery, audio, or even statistics brought about by the number of clicks on one website page, can then be used by organisations to make informed decisions.


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All brand cars to be connected to the web by 2014

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/02/13 11:14

A recent BBC report has unveiled car manufactures plans to have all new vehicles connected to the web within the next few years. In fact Intel, which will invest £64million over the next five years in the 'connected cars' claims that is already the third fastest growing technological device after phones and tablets.


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The Olympic technology legacy

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/07/12 08:51

With The Olympics now a tantalising 4 days away we discuss what kind of technological legacy the games might leave behind.


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LinkedIn admit potential data security breach

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/06/12 17:29

Social network giant LinkedIn have reported that they are investigating claims by security analysts that more than 6.5 million user’s passwords have been uploaded online. Russian hackers boasted of this potentially huge data security breach on a local web forum and it is believed that such data could be in the hands of criminals by now.


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Where will you be watching the 2012 Olympic games from?

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/12/11 09:57

The London Olympics 2012 is the next most exciting event since Common Wealth 2002. The games will open on 27th July at the Olympic parks and Village in Strafford and will run until the closing ceremony on 12th August. There will then be a two week transition period before the Paralympics Games open on 29th August running for 11 days. Over 10.8 million tickets have been allocated for the 27 day period which will spread across a total of 34 venues and about quarter of the ticket holders will descend on London from overseas. However if you are one of the unlucky ones that didn’t get a ticket, where will you be watching the games from?


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7 GB is the amount of data used by British broadband users according to Ofcom

Posted by Dan Pope on 09/11/11 07:00

According to the most recent Ofcom research, we are seeing much heavier use of the Internet.


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Businesses suffer internet loss during the day

Posted by Dan Pope on 04/10/11 13:45

According to reports yesterday over 5% (275,000) BT customers lost connectivity due to a power failure at a major BT exchange in the Birmingham area. Connections started to drop 13:00 and most residential customers began to see their services logging back on 15:00 onwards.


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UK business turns to the web for information

Posted by Dan Pope on 09/08/11 19:25

The internet looks to be the first port of call for most business workers during any major news event such as Wimbledon or Mr Murdoch, as previously reported. However nothing compares to riots and looting across the UK. With a 60% increase in traffic today compared to previous highs and over 50% of that being identified as BBC's IPlayer traffic.


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