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BT vs. Ofcom – The Battle Continues

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/01/15 15:19

In our first blog of 2015 Fluidata predicted that the telecommunications regulator Ofcom would become even stricter with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and over the past couple of weeks we have been proved right. During the first month of this year Ofcom has announced that they are investigating a number of issues with the broadband and phone provider BT, including the services they provide their customers, their pay TV offerings, and their bid to take over the mobile network operator EE.


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Ofcom Cracking Down on Broadband Providers

Posted by Dan Pope on 07/01/15 13:12

We are only in the first full week of 2015 however there are already a number of reports concerning the telecommunications regulator Ofcom. During 2014 Fluidata published a number of articles discussing Ofcom’s investigations, particularly those into the controversial broadband supplier British Telecoms (BT). However, it seems as though the regulatory body is planning on becoming even stricter this year, meaning that telecommunications companies may soon face harsher regulations.


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Ofcom Reveals UK Internet Speeds are ‘Patchy’

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/12/14 15:09

Over the past few months there have been numerous calls for Ofcom to investigate the UK’s telecommunications industry as many have claimed that certain companies such as BT are monopolising the market and failing to provide their customers promised connection speeds. However, much to many people’s surprise the industry regulator has claimed that competition in the market is healthy, and that fixed broadband connections are now "almost universally available" throughout the UK.


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Is BT going Mobile?

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/12/14 11:17

Telecommunications giant BT has been in the news a considerable amount recently, especially when it comes to their broadband services. Many are claiming that the company is unfairly monopolising the market while not providing customers promised service levels, which is why they may find it surprising that the company is planning on expanding into the mobile industry.


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The Battle between BT and TalkTalk

Posted by Dan Pope on 26/09/14 09:13

Improving Internet speeds across the UK is proving to be a longwinded process as certain companies are currently monopolising the market and failing to provide their customers with adequate services. BT in particular has been criticised for providing sub-standard Internet speeds, which is why the regulatory body Ofcom has recently launched an investigation into the ISP.


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Competition for York

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/05/14 14:29

Earlier this April, TalkTalk and Sky revealed their plan to form a coalition with CityFibre to build an ultra-fast broadband network in the city of York.


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Education's rural divide

Posted by Dan Pope on 14/03/14 12:37

Families in rural areas believe that slow broadband is damaging their children’s educational performance.


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Competition in fibre

Posted by Dan Pope on 17/02/14 10:35

Last week I moved into a new flat in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park village in Stratford. By working within the industry for over 4 years I knew a pain and delay for installation awaited me. To my surprise I had a pleasant experience with my connectivity, compared to others who have recently moved into new build properties, such my MD, Piers Daniell, who moved into his flat to find a standard BT socket.


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The year ahead in Broadband, Cloud and BYOD

Posted by Dan Pope on 08/01/14 12:18

As is quite often the case in the world of technology, the year ahead will be full of change in terms of popular services and applications, and especially so for businesses.


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Can rural communities rely on a BT roll-out?

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/12/13 10:14

It was recently announced that BT have won further contracts by local councils to be responsible for additional rural broadband roll-outs, beginning with Oxfordshire and Dorset early next year.


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