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The Importance of Customer Service in the Digital Age

Posted by Dan Pope on 25/07/14 10:26

Customer service: it’s something that has previously just been associated with businesses that offer personal services to customers; however over the years it has become increasingly important for businesses in the technology sector. It is important that companies understand the importance of customer service when it comes to expanding their businesses and encouraging client retention. However, we are still seeing cases where companies feel that they are above the need to provide a good level of customer service, which is why Fluidata does things a little differently.


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Broadband Providers facing Investigations

Posted by Dan Pope on 17/06/14 14:48

The American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hasn’t been able to avoid the headlines recently as they have been attacked left, right and centre for their policies. Just a few weeks ago Fluidata published a news story discussing how the FCC were being vilified for suggesting that there should be a ‘two-tiered’ Internet system, and now it seems that they are once again under the microscope due to their involvement in the issue of slow broadband download speeds in the US.


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