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The year ahead in Broadband, Cloud and BYOD

Posted by Dan Pope on 08/01/14 12:18
As is quite often the case in the world of technology, the year ahead will be full of change in terms of popular services and applications, and especially so for businesses.

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Year in Review

Posted by Dan Pope on 31/12/13 17:23
Upon reflection, 2013, feels less of a momentous year than previous ones, both inside and outside of our industry. It wasn't sprinkled with the added piquancy a London Olympics brings, it wasn't a year of new products launches or technologies. The 'cloud' continued to gather pace, to a point where it has now entered the mainstream. 'Big Data' and the 'Internet of things' progressed from new fangled industry terms to something more tangible; where their impact can be observed and understood by everyday users. They could soon be developments that change everyday lives - with Allseen Alliance close to establishing an open source framework capable of connecting almost anything to the Internet. BYOD exploded; with 7/10 employees now using their own devices.

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Theft of company data and how organisations can guard against it

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/10/13 13:58
Employee data theft is on the rise. Reports last month, based on EMV research, tell us the number of thefts of confidential information cases heard at the high court has risen by 58% in the last year and by a staggering 5,000% since 2006.

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Release of Apple iOS 7 Software Leads to Internet Surge across the Fluidata Network

Posted by Dan Pope on 25/09/13 10:32
A trend we’ve watched with some interest here at Fluidata over the last few years is the surges in traffic across our network during popular sporting events. The Olympics last year providing perhaps the best example.

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How is ‘BYOD’ and the consumerisation of IT changing the role of the IT Manager?

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/09/12 09:42
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is sweeping across businesses throughout the UK; with employees cramming their bags with their own devices for a day at work, or logging on with them from remote locations. According to recent Juniper research over 150 million employees owned smartphones and tablets are used in enterprise – a figure that is expected to rise to 350 million by 2014.

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