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Millions of Users’ Information handed over to GCHQ

Posted by Dan Pope on 25/11/14 14:59

Less than two weeks ago Fluidata wrote an article discussing how much privacy Internet users should have while at the same time ensuring that the UK remains safe from terrorist attacks and other threats organised online. During this article we noted that there is a fine line between security and privacy, however it looks as though this line may have already been crossed by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).


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Thatchers Legacy for Telecommunications

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/05/13 15:46

In death, as in life, Margaret Thatcher divided opinion. Obituaries penned celebrating the ‘savior of the nation’, while others celebrated the demise of a merciless class war commander. What we can perhaps all agree on is she was fundamental to shaping the world we live in now; as citizens, as workers, as business’s - our lives, for better or for worse, owe much to her actions. Of course in some quarters her legacy is more marked than in others, unbeknown to some the telecommunications industry is one such place.


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Telecoms market ripe for further M&A activity

Posted by Dan Pope on 31/08/10 11:24

The telecoms market has witnessed a sizable proliferation in mergers and acquisitions over the last couple of years. The acquisition of BE by O2, and Cable and Wirelesses’ buy out of Bulldog remain the most prominent in my mind. But among others we’ve also seen big players like Tiscali and Easynet be bought out by Carphone Warehouse and Sky respectively, while Chess and Daisy have both embarked on aggressive acquisition strategies. Naturally, the financial crisis has provided fertile ground for such activity – with depreciated assets and estates proving attractive to those looking to strengthen their market position.


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