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Banks are warned to increase Online Security

Posted by Dan Pope on 09/09/14 13:20

With an increasing amount of cybercriminals attacking large organisations, banks in particular have been warned that they need to do more to protect both themselves and their customers. Over the past few years a number of consumers have been switching to paperless banking by utilising websites and Apps in order to look after their finances.


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Healthcare Providers targeted by Cyberattacks

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/08/14 13:18

Individuals and businesses tend to be the main targets of cyberattacks in the West, particularly those that hold data such as financial details which can be used by cybercriminals. However, recent reports have suggested that hackers are now targeting healthcare providers in the US, including Community Health Systems.


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Malware Update: Boleto, RATs and CosmicDuke

Posted by Dan Pope on 07/07/14 14:25

At Fluidata we strive to create innovative solutions that protect businesses from the constant threat of cybercrime and malware. Keeping up with the different types of malware that are created on a daily basis can often be difficult for cybercrime specialists, as the sheer volume and complexity of malware means they are often difficult to spot until it’s too late. In fact, just this week we have witnessed reports of three new pieces of malware that are affecting both businesses and individual users. Here, we look at all three in further detail:


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eBay Cyberattack sparks debate over Data Security

Posted by Dan Pope on 22/05/14 15:56

Over the past few months the online community has been rocked by numerous cyberattacks leading to a substantial amount of personal information being accessed. Just one month ago we were faced with the issue of the Heartbleed bug which supplied hackers with personal information from some of the biggest sites in the world including Mumsnet and the Canada Revenue Agency.


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