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Broadband Speeds in London Boroughs

Posted by Dan Pope on 05/03/15 10:45
Just a few weeks ago Fluidata reported on news that telecommunications provider Virgin Media is planning on installing billions of pounds worth of infrastructure across the UK. Unfortunately for those that suffer from rural broadband issues, Virgin are planning on installing most of this new technology in urban areas such as London, which many feel is unfair. However, the truth is that even in London there is a digital divide, as highlighted by recent research conducted by The company published the average broadband speeds for each London borough as well as the amount of new businesses that have started and closed in each area over the past few years. Surprisingly, some of the most affluent constituencies in London suffer from slow broadband speeds, such as Kensington and Chelsea where the average speed is just 22Mb/s.

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UK Lords call for the Internet to be considered a Utility

Posted by Dan Pope on 25/02/15 11:34
These days you wouldn’t be too impressed to move into a new property only to find that the appropriate infrastructure for Internet access has not been installed; however this happens more often than most people think. Regular use of the Internet has become commonplace in most people’s day-to-day lives, so much so that not being able to get online can massively hinder both individuals and businesses.

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Why the Digital Divide isn’t just about Internet Access

Posted by Dan Pope on 12/02/15 09:12
Tuesday marked the eleventh anniversary of Safer Internet Day – a day dedicated to teaching young people and carers the importance of staying safe online. As usual, as part of this year’s campaign we saw a number of shocking statistics including the fact that nearly a third of all 11-16 year olds say that they have been targeted by mean or cruel behaviour online in the past year. Furthermore, one in twenty 11-16 year olds say that they feel that people are mean to them “most of the time” while online.

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UK Schools Suffering from the Digital Divide

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/12/14 09:12
It’s a sad state of affairs when over half of the schools in the UK are suffering from a lack of access to high-speed Internet. However, a recent report has shown that 65% of primary schools and 54% of secondary schools have complained about lack of Internet connectivity, leaving thousands of children on the lower end of the digital divide.

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Digital Divide preventing thousands of Families from receiving Tax Breaks

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/11/14 09:03
Here at Fluidata we often write about the issues the digital divide causes here in the UK, including SMEs failing to compete on the open market and house prices decreasing in rural areas. However, a recent report has highlighted yet another problem caused by the digital divide as thousands of families may soon be unable to claim child tax breaks due to the fact that they do not have access to the Internet.

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Can Governments Tax the Internet?

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/10/14 11:52
One of the biggest issues when it comes to the global digital divide is the cost of technology, as developing countries struggle to afford installing telecommunications hardware while residents see Internet access as a luxury. This is why Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced his plans for a “911 Internet” – an Internet that would be completely free to use by those in developing countries.

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Calling 911: Can Facebook reduce the Digital Divide in Developing Countries?

Posted by Dan Pope on 14/10/14 15:40
There is a group of four developing countries which are referred to as ‘BRIC’ that experts believe are starting to move from developing countries to countries which will have strong economies in the near future. These countries are Brazil, India, Russia and China, and each of these countries has been a high priority for technology companies over the past few years. Even though there have been some fluctuations in the above four’s economies, many are still confident that they are the ones to watch in the near future.

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The Great Digital Divide

Posted by Dan Pope on 26/06/14 13:11
Years ago politicians were concerned with the rich/poor divide in their countries as well as globally, however as technology advanced they became more concerned with what has now been termed the ‘digital divide’. The digital divide is nothing new – in fact scholars have been writing about it ever since the Internet became accessible to a large proportion of the global population. However, the issue of the digital divide is becoming even greater, which is why Fluidata has been focussed on creating solutions. Here, we explain the issue in greater detail:

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