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Finding Your PULSE

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/07/14 15:15
In 2010 it was ground breaking to release a product which superseded all forms of ADSL with VDSL which offered a headline speed of up to 40Mb/s download. Roll on a few years, EFM, aggregation technologies and domestic FTTC (VDSL) products deliver businesses something that they haven’t had before – options. Headline speeds in the past have grabbed the attention of customers; however as technology has progressed the demand for resilience and reliability has risen because of the traffic flow Options have created the demise of SDSL and the beginning of the demise for ADSL is becoming more apparent as technology progresses, so why are Ethernet Fibre Leased Lines still thriving? Unlike ADSL and SDSL, there aren’t too many alternatives to Leased Lines with a reliable contention to match those headline speeds. The geeks behind Fluidata have strived to develop and renovate domestic products with alternative solutions like PureFluid which is able to bond multiple technologies and carriers, and they have done it again with PULSE which is essentially Ethernet over FTTC.

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The year ahead in Broadband, Cloud and BYOD

Posted by Dan Pope on 08/01/14 12:18
As is quite often the case in the world of technology, the year ahead will be full of change in terms of popular services and applications, and especially so for businesses.

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Can rural communities rely on a BT roll-out?

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/12/13 10:14
It was recently announced that BT have won further contracts by local councils to be responsible for additional rural broadband roll-outs, beginning with Oxfordshire and Dorset early next year.

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FTTP on Demand

Posted by Dan Pope on 14/05/13 17:42
You can get more information on our FTTPoD offering by clicking here.

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Digital Region set for upgrade

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/11/12 14:59
Digital Region have announced that it is carrying out a phased network upgrade in which they are upgrading the cards in certain exchanges. This will enable customers to potentially receive higher than the 70 Mb/s download that is currently achievable using FTTC technology.

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Launch of our bonded FTTC - PureFluid PULSE

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/05/12 12:13
Fluidata are delighted to announce the launch of our new bonded FTTC service.

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Fibre cabinets potential target for thieves

Posted by Dan Pope on 04/04/12 14:10
Dr Peter Cochrane, BT’s former Chief Technology Officer (CTO), last week claimed that the battery backup’s in the new  BT fibre cabinets could be a target to for thieves “Once the local bandits have recognised that there is a car battery in the bottom, you can bet you’re your bottom dollar that a crowbar will be out and the battery will keep disappearing”.

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of bandwidth

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/07/11 08:00
Ok, so I stole the title from an unrelated blog I read the other day; I thought it was rather funny, as well as apt for what I want to discuss.

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EFM provides options for business

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/06/11 09:00
Fluidata provide for a wide range of clients - from small tech start up’s to large enterprise organisations. Over the last 5 years we’ve helped hundreds of these organisations achieve fast, reliable, low contended internet utilising lower cost DSL based technologies.

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