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Google to develop Trans-Pacific Cable Network

Posted by Dan Pope on 14/08/14 14:44
Not content with being one of the biggest search engines in the world, Google is branching out into new sectors including autonomous vehicles and Fibre Internet and TV services. Already, the company is offering their Fibre services to those that live in and around the Kansas area, however recent reports have shown that they are now looking to take on a much larger project.

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World Cup technology and what the tournament might mean for your network

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/06/14 15:58
The introduction of a goal-line decision system has hogged all the headlines about technology in this year’s tournament, but it’s just one of many technologies making their world cup debut. Of course it’s a rather belated entrance for goal line technology, which has been used in various forms across other sports for many years, so we’re not really hailing a new innovation here, more celebrating the fact that Fifa have finally embraced it. That’s not to say the Goalcontrol4D system isn’t impressive; equipped with 14 high speed cameras it monitors both goal mouths and the position of the ball in three dimensions. Once it’s detected that the ball has crossed the line it sends an encrypted radio signal to a referees watch in less than a second- so there’s no stop/starting with the match.

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Can you delete your Online History?

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/05/14 10:14
Oscar Wilde once stated “no man is rich enough to buy back his past” and as more and more data is being stored and shared online this is becoming increasingly true. However, a controversial privacy case at the European Court of Justice on 13th of May could change the future of online privacy. For the first time ever, search engine giant Google was required to remove a result from their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) due to privacy issues. The decision has taken the online community by storm, with many now asking: is it truly possible to delete your online history?

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The Internet of Things

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/03/14 10:14
Since its creation back in the 1960’s, the Internet has always been about enabling rapid communication between people. Yes, it was technology that enabled that communication, but people were the driving force behind it.

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The year ahead in Broadband, Cloud and BYOD

Posted by Dan Pope on 08/01/14 12:18
As is quite often the case in the world of technology, the year ahead will be full of change in terms of popular services and applications, and especially so for businesses.

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Year in Review

Posted by Dan Pope on 31/12/13 17:23
Upon reflection, 2013, feels less of a momentous year than previous ones, both inside and outside of our industry. It wasn't sprinkled with the added piquancy a London Olympics brings, it wasn't a year of new products launches or technologies. The 'cloud' continued to gather pace, to a point where it has now entered the mainstream. 'Big Data' and the 'Internet of things' progressed from new fangled industry terms to something more tangible; where their impact can be observed and understood by everyday users. They could soon be developments that change everyday lives - with Allseen Alliance close to establishing an open source framework capable of connecting almost anything to the Internet. BYOD exploded; with 7/10 employees now using their own devices.

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Google’s ‘Project Loon’. A publicity stunt or the solution?

Posted by Dan Pope on 18/10/13 12:03
“Balloon powered internet for everyone” is the tag line being touted by Google at the moment promoting Project Loon, it’s the new way for people to connect to the Internet. Emphasis has been heavily placed on the word ‘everyone’ with two-thirds of the world’s population currently unable to access the internet.

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What is Big Data and how can it help?

Posted by Dan Pope on 07/06/13 09:30
Big Data is the latest tech industry buzzword, but what is it and how does it affect us? Well in the simplest terms it denotes a large (very large in fact) amount of data. We’re talking about a classification which deems 30-50 terabytes a “minimum”. To place that into perspective, one terabyte of audio recorded at CD quality will contain around 2,000 hours of audio, while the first 20 years’ worth of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope has equated to more than 45 terabytes of data! This collection of information, which can take a multitude of forms; text, imagery, audio, or even statistics brought about by the number of clicks on one website page, can then be used by organisations to make informed decisions.

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Summer release of 4G set to provide opportunity for retail, but smaller stores could suffer.

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/03/13 16:34
A study recently completed by retail analysts has suggested that the birth of 4G in the UK could have a major impact on retailers; with experts predicting it likely to increase retail spending by up to “£1.8 billion a year”.

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Google’s new privacy policy continues to divide opinion

Posted by Dan Pope on 12/03/12 09:00
Amid the furore surrounding Google’s new privacy polices – it appears one thing has remained constant; Google will be implementing these changes despite warnings from the EU that the new polices may be considered illegal in an EU Court of Law. It was introduced last week, despite calls from a group of European regulators to hold off allowing further investigation.

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