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Shiny new Network Operations Centre

Posted by Dan Pope on Oct 24, 2012 10:00:18 AM

This week sees the new Network Operations Centre in Hemel Hempstead go live, home to our own 24/7 support team. For the past two years the NOC has been based at the same site as one of our major datacentre presences outside of London, 3 Centro. The team had grown over the years and subsequently was too large for the modest office space.


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New network operations centre

Posted by Dan Pope on May 9, 2010 3:23:41 PM

This week has seen the launch of our new network operations centre (NOC) in Hemel Hempstead. Located in our Centro datacentre this new team will be taking over all 24/7 support duties, seeing Fluidata move away from the existing out of hours on-call setup to a permanently manned helpdesk.


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Prepare your business

Posted by Dan Pope on Sep 14, 2009 9:06:42 AM

I have recently been reading in magazines such as Computer Weekly about the importance of remote backup and disaster recovery (DR). According to a recent survey, one in three businesses does not undertake DR and remote backup as they believe it will significantly disrupt their revenue. What is more concerning is that should a disaster strike happen it could mean a loss of £4,300 per hour while company's databases and web servers are out of action. This year 70% of senior executives such as CIOs and CTOs are taking a vested interested in ensuring they have appropriate DR and remote backup in place.


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Fluidata is expanding further into the hosting cloud

Posted by Dan Pope on Jun 29, 2009 9:31:25 AM

Network connectivity has always been our key focus, but with the emergence of a new class of data centres that are better equipped in supporting the very latest advances in technology, there are significant benefits to be had by customers consolidating their hosting and connectivity with one provider.


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