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UK wants more from Internet Service Providers

Posted by Dan Pope on 11/03/15 16:34

With the world becoming increasingly connected it is no surprise that both individuals and businesses are wanting more from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In order to keep up with their competitors SMEs are required to update their connectivity solutions on a regular basis, however this is not always possible due to lack of available infrastructure or high-speed Internet services.

Recently, the telecommunications regulatory body Ofcom announced that 1 in 3 broadband connections are now superfast, however this still means that two-thirds of broadband connections across the UK are below the industry standard. Just last week Fluidata reported that London has the slowest average broadband speeds in the UK and that it is considerably behind its European counterparts. Therefore, the fact that Ofcom reported that average UK broadband speeds have increased from 18.7Mb/s in May 2014 to 22.8Mb/s today is not something to be overly excited about, especially as the European average is 36.4Mb/s.


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