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Toshiba creates the Home of the Future

Posted by Dan Pope on 24/10/14 12:22

Previously on Fluidata’s blog we wrote about the Internet of Things and how in the future nearly every device we own will be connected to an online network. There are certain benefits to this type of system such as the fact that menial tasks will be dealt with automatically and efficiently, however at the same time there are concerns that if the system is compromised whole towns and cities could be affected.


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What part do you play in the Internet of Things?

Posted by Dan Pope on 20/05/14 09:57

In the technology industry we often come across a number of buzzwords, however there is one that is becoming increasingly prominent: the ‘Internet of things’. As we all know, the world is becoming ever more connected, which means that it is very unlikely that you are ever a few metres away from a device that enables you to connect to the Internet. However, what if this went one step further? What if practically everything, everywhere was connected all the time? Here, Fluidata explains how you may be contributing to the creation of the Internet of things without even realising it:


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Year in Review

Posted by Dan Pope on 31/12/13 17:23

Upon reflection, 2013, feels less of a momentous year than previous ones, both inside and outside of our industry. It wasn't sprinkled with the added piquancy a London Olympics brings, it wasn't a year of new products launches or technologies. The 'cloud' continued to gather pace, to a point where it has now entered the mainstream. 'Big Data' and the 'Internet of things' progressed from new fangled industry terms to something more tangible; where their impact can be observed and understood by everyday users. They could soon be developments that change everyday lives - with Allseen Alliance close to establishing an open source framework capable of connecting almost anything to the Internet. BYOD exploded; with 7/10 employees now using their own devices.


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