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BT vs. Ofcom – The Battle Continues

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/01/15 15:19

In our first blog of 2015 Fluidata predicted that the telecommunications regulator Ofcom would become even stricter with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and over the past couple of weeks we have been proved right. During the first month of this year Ofcom has announced that they are investigating a number of issues with the broadband and phone provider BT, including the services they provide their customers, their pay TV offerings, and their bid to take over the mobile network operator EE.


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Fluidata in 2015

Posted by Dan Pope on 02/01/15 08:00

Last week (and technically year) Fluidata published our round-up of 2014 which included some of our own personal highlights as well as the biggest issues and talking points in the online industry. At Fluidata we believe that the UK digital divide is an issue that is becoming increasingly prominent, which is why since 2009 we have been working on our Service Exchange Platform (SEP) to provide Internet access to areas affected by rural broadband.


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Digital Divide preventing thousands of Families from receiving Tax Breaks

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/11/14 09:03

Here at Fluidata we often write about the issues the digital divide causes here in the UK, including SMEs failing to compete on the open market and house prices decreasing in rural areas. However, a recent report has highlighted yet another problem caused by the digital divide as thousands of families may soon be unable to claim child tax breaks due to the fact that they do not have access to the Internet.


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Privacy vs. Security – Finding the Right Balance

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/11/14 14:32

There is an old saying when it comes to information: knowledge is power. This is why the UK government is currently locked in a battle with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) over the amount of information they should legally be allowed to have access to, especially when it comes to those suspected of being involved in illegal activity. Over the past few months there have been numerous stories concerning terrorist groups across the world using the Internet to plan attacks as well as recruit new members, which is why the government wants greater access to users’ information.


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