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RIPE soon to be issuing from the last ever IPv4 block

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/09/12 09:29

Fluidata received notice from RIPE on Tuesday that they now have just a /10 left before their last /8 of IPv4 addresses. What this means is, that at current allocation levels, there is about 1 months’ worth of IPv4 space left across Europe before RIPE have to start issuing from their last ever block.


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No Distance Left to Run: Final Network stats and thoughts on London 2012

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/08/12 10:57

The flame now extinguished, the final race run, the games are all played out.


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How fast is my service?

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/09/10 15:26

With Ofcom keen to set restrictions on advertised internet speeds, it is important to remember the difficulties in assessing the potential speed a user can get until the service has been installed. Back in the old days with fixed rate products, such as BT ADSL IPStream and SDSL, it was much easier to downgrade a user’s service to the next available product if the bandwidth they desired was technically not possible to deliver. However with the advent of ‘up to’ services customers receive the fastest speed their line can support for the same monthly charge.


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The cloud can do many things

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/06/10 08:50

Cloud computing is the current ‘buzzword’ in the industry, exciting in premise, but still in its infancy and awash with ambiguities.


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Everything goes IP

Posted by Dan Pope on 25/10/09 09:23

The Internet has become an essential component of our working lives over the last 15 years. It’s hard to imagine communication without recourse to email, research without access to the web, even lunchtime without Facebook is becoming a distant memory.


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Fluidata connects Videopresence

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/08/09 10:20

Fluidata has recently embraced Video Conferencing technology by installing a life size, high definition video presence suite in our London office. The system, which of course runs over Fluidata connectivity lines, offers us the chance to conduct meetings with our various partners and direct clients across the country and beyond, quickly paying for itself in the process as we reduce time and expenditure associated with travel, and slash our carbon footprint.


Topic Lifesize IP News Video Conference

Double Whammy

Posted by Dan Pope on 27/07/09 09:00

DUAL ADVANCE is the latest product innovation from Fluidata, and takes our ADVANCE product range to the next level. Ever thought it would be great to actually use your back up line as opposed to on the odd occasion when your main line fails? Or you need two separate lines for different applications such as voice and data? Well DUAL ADVANCE is your answer.


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Resiliency, take responsibility

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/07/09 10:08

As more customers move applications into the cloud, it is becoming paramount that their WAN connectivity can handle the increased usage demands it is being subjected to. Equally as important is the resiliency and strength of the underlying circuits. However, not every error  can be prevented and we are increasingly seeing issues outside of our network that are affecting your use of our circuits. Be that exchanges being robbed or contractors cutting through fibre or copper cables laid.


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