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Fluidata receive a Queens Award for Enterprise

Posted by Dan Pope on 22/04/14 08:30

We are celebrating being named as winners of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise - the UK’s highest accolade for business success. We received our award for Innovation. This was in recognition of developing the Fluidata Service Exchange Platform. The platform operates by connecting ISPs to networks nationally.


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How The Wolf of Wall Street helped to change internet laws

Posted by Dan Pope on 31/01/14 12:22

The Wolf of Wall Street is the riotous new film by Martin Scorsese. It features Leonardo Di Caprio as Jordan Belfort; a real life stock broker who during the 1990’s made almost a million dollars week while at the helm Stratton Oakmont; a brokerage house that engaged in fraudulent and illegal practices.


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Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for the third year running

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/11/13 14:37

Last night was the Top 100 Tech Track Awards presentation event sponsored by the Sunday Times, Hiscox and Barclays. This is our third year running that Fluidata has made it into the list and this year we even had a feature in the iPad version of the Sunday Times.


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The challenges of hardware procurement for an ISP

Posted by Dan Pope on 07/11/12 12:52

The Internet connectivity market is an increasingly competitive place, in order to stay ahead of the pack Fluidata have always endeavoured to provide the best level of quality and service to our clients.


Topic ISP hardware News internet procurement

Leaked Report shows music industry's global anti-piracy crisis

Posted by Dan Pope on 09/08/12 09:12

There has been much discussion in the media of late surrounding the enforced ISP blockade of torrent and file sharing websites such as Pirate Bay. Following this, Torrent Freak have recently published what they claim to be a leaked crisis report from the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) suggesting the music industry is arming itself for a full blown assault on the online piracy industry.


Topic IFPI ISP Pirate Bay Proxy China News Torrent Freak International Federation of Phonographic Industry VPN

Moderation is the key

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/06/12 12:01

The House of Commons debated the Defamation Bill yesterday; discussing wide sweeping reforms of the libel laws that could see internet service providers (ISPs) given greater protection from being sued in return for helping to identify so-called ‘internet trolls’.


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Connectivity struggles with more than just speeds

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/01/12 09:57

Ok, so I live out in the country and I’m in the privileged position of getting almost 3Mb/s on my ADSL line at home.


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Increase adoption of rural networks

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/08/11 09:00

Bringing connectivity to rural homes and businesses has received quite a lot of press recently as the government gears up for a significant investment into new last mile networks. This should help to stimulate local communities and make low density populations more accessible.


Topic fluidata ISP News Rural Broadband

The background to Net Neutrality

Posted by Dan Pope on 19/07/11 09:00

Network Neutrality - the principle that internet users can access any web content/application they choose without restrictions or limitations imposed by the ISP’s or government, has been a hotly  debated topic over the last 18 months.


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How hard is it to change ISP?

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/05/11 09:47

A recent survey in ISP review showed that 35.3% of UK businesses feel discouraged from switching ISP’s because they fear of potential downtime. This is understandable when looking at August 2010’s survey in ‘Which’ magazine that showed nearly half of the 10,000 asked had issues or failed migrations.


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