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Broadband Speeds in London Boroughs

Posted by Dan Pope on 05/03/15 10:45
Just a few weeks ago Fluidata reported on news that telecommunications provider Virgin Media is planning on installing billions of pounds worth of infrastructure across the UK. Unfortunately for those that suffer from rural broadband issues, Virgin are planning on installing most of this new technology in urban areas such as London, which many feel is unfair. However, the truth is that even in London there is a digital divide, as highlighted by recent research conducted by The company published the average broadband speeds for each London borough as well as the amount of new businesses that have started and closed in each area over the past few years. Surprisingly, some of the most affluent constituencies in London suffer from slow broadband speeds, such as Kensington and Chelsea where the average speed is just 22Mb/s.

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Connecting Businesses

Posted by Dan Pope on 04/04/14 09:25
As Fluidata begins the start of a new financial year, we continue to recognise the importance and benefits of true business grade Internet connectivity for SME’s supported by the benefit of the SuperConnected Cities Connection Vouchers Scheme.

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Summer release of 4G set to provide opportunity for retail, but smaller stores could suffer.

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/03/13 16:34
A study recently completed by retail analysts has suggested that the birth of 4G in the UK could have a major impact on retailers; with experts predicting it likely to increase retail spending by up to “£1.8 billion a year”.

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The Olympic technology legacy

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/07/12 08:51
With The Olympics now a tantalising 4 days away we discuss what kind of technological legacy the games might leave behind.

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Wifi goes underground

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/06/12 10:35
Over the past few days a number of tube stations (including Kings Cross and Oxford Circus) across London have announced free Wifi access on their platforms. All it takes is a device which can connect to the internet and an email address to register with. It is expected that 80 underground stations will be able to provide the service in time for the upcoming Olympics and a further 40 by the end of the year. However, free access is only available for a limited time. The end of the Olympics will mark the end of free Wifi and from that point onwards only Virgin customers will be able to access the network without paying.

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Where will you be watching the 2012 Olympic games from?

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/12/11 09:57
The London Olympics 2012 is the next most exciting event since Common Wealth 2002. The games will open on 27th July at the Olympic parks and Village in Strafford and will run until the closing ceremony on 12th August. There will then be a two week transition period before the Paralympics Games open on 29th August running for 11 days. Over 10.8 million tickets have been allocated for the 27 day period which will spread across a total of 34 venues and about quarter of the ticket holders will descend on London from overseas. However if you are one of the unlucky ones that didn’t get a ticket, where will you be watching the games from?

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Was Twitter at the heart of the riots?

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/08/11 09:30
As the voracious interest to watch, understand and contextualise real time events increases, social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming the favoured source for live information. Many a time I’ve watched the twitter stream of an event or a story’s respective hash tag, hanging on every word like I’m in the middle of the action. Last week, as both London and the rest of the UK descended into anarchy, Twitter’s role in both reporting news (albeit sometimes with questionable accuracy or objectivity) and facilitating mobilisation efforts by both rioters and anti-rioters, has been significant.

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UK business turns to the web for information

Posted by Dan Pope on 09/08/11 19:25
The internet looks to be the first port of call for most business workers during any major news event such as Wimbledon or Mr Murdoch, as previously reported. However nothing compares to riots and looting across the UK. With a 60% increase in traffic today compared to previous highs and over 50% of that being identified as BBC's IPlayer traffic.

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of bandwidth

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/07/11 08:00
Ok, so I stole the title from an unrelated blog I read the other day; I thought it was rather funny, as well as apt for what I want to discuss.

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Fluidata is expanding further into the hosting cloud

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/06/09 09:31
Network connectivity has always been our key focus, but with the emergence of a new class of data centres that are better equipped in supporting the very latest advances in technology, there are significant benefits to be had by customers consolidating their hosting and connectivity with one provider.

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