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UK wants more from Internet Service Providers

Posted by Dan Pope on 11/03/15 16:34

With the world becoming increasingly connected it is no surprise that both individuals and businesses are wanting more from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In order to keep up with their competitors SMEs are required to update their connectivity solutions on a regular basis, however this is not always possible due to lack of available infrastructure or high-speed Internet services.

Recently, the telecommunications regulatory body Ofcom announced that 1 in 3 broadband connections are now superfast, however this still means that two-thirds of broadband connections across the UK are below the industry standard. Just last week Fluidata reported that London has the slowest average broadband speeds in the UK and that it is considerably behind its European counterparts. Therefore, the fact that Ofcom reported that average UK broadband speeds have increased from 18.7Mb/s in May 2014 to 22.8Mb/s today is not something to be overly excited about, especially as the European average is 36.4Mb/s.


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BT vs. Ofcom – The Battle Continues

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/01/15 15:19

In our first blog of 2015 Fluidata predicted that the telecommunications regulator Ofcom would become even stricter with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and over the past couple of weeks we have been proved right. During the first month of this year Ofcom has announced that they are investigating a number of issues with the broadband and phone provider BT, including the services they provide their customers, their pay TV offerings, and their bid to take over the mobile network operator EE.


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Ofcom Cracking Down on Broadband Providers

Posted by Dan Pope on 07/01/15 13:12

We are only in the first full week of 2015 however there are already a number of reports concerning the telecommunications regulator Ofcom. During 2014 Fluidata published a number of articles discussing Ofcom’s investigations, particularly those into the controversial broadband supplier British Telecoms (BT). However, it seems as though the regulatory body is planning on becoming even stricter this year, meaning that telecommunications companies may soon face harsher regulations.


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Ofcom Reveals UK Internet Speeds are ‘Patchy’

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/12/14 15:09

Over the past few months there have been numerous calls for Ofcom to investigate the UK’s telecommunications industry as many have claimed that certain companies such as BT are monopolising the market and failing to provide their customers promised connection speeds. However, much to many people’s surprise the industry regulator has claimed that competition in the market is healthy, and that fixed broadband connections are now "almost universally available" throughout the UK.


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Thatchers Legacy for Telecommunications

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/05/13 15:46

In death, as in life, Margaret Thatcher divided opinion. Obituaries penned celebrating the ‘savior of the nation’, while others celebrated the demise of a merciless class war commander. What we can perhaps all agree on is she was fundamental to shaping the world we live in now; as citizens, as workers, as business’s - our lives, for better or for worse, owe much to her actions. Of course in some quarters her legacy is more marked than in others, unbeknown to some the telecommunications industry is one such place.


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Online privacy – big brother is watching

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/04/12 17:45

The coalition are considering passing legislation that would enable GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters) free reign to monitor every e-mail, text, phone call made and website accessed by the public at large.  As well as being made to store all electronic communication data of all customers for 1 year, ISP’s would be required to install boxes across their core networks, which would allow GCHQ to dip into those communications at will.


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7 GB is the amount of data used by British broadband users according to Ofcom

Posted by Dan Pope on 09/11/11 07:00

According to the most recent Ofcom research, we are seeing much heavier use of the Internet.


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How hard is it to change ISP?

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/05/11 09:47

A recent survey in ISP review showed that 35.3% of UK businesses feel discouraged from switching ISP’s because they fear of potential downtime. This is understandable when looking at August 2010’s survey in ‘Which’ magazine that showed nearly half of the 10,000 asked had issues or failed migrations.


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Better value connectivity in rural Britain

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/04/11 08:54

In January 2011 Ofcom proposed charge controls for those rural areas in Britain which are not served by wholesale competition. This is to ensure better value connectivity for areas such as Northumberland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as the South West of England, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Cumbria and parts of Scotland.


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How fast is my service?

Posted by Dan Pope on 15/09/10 15:26

With Ofcom keen to set restrictions on advertised internet speeds, it is important to remember the difficulties in assessing the potential speed a user can get until the service has been installed. Back in the old days with fixed rate products, such as BT ADSL IPStream and SDSL, it was much easier to downgrade a user’s service to the next available product if the bandwidth they desired was technically not possible to deliver. However with the advent of ‘up to’ services customers receive the fastest speed their line can support for the same monthly charge.


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