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Could FTTC Bonding be the answer to High-Speed Internet?

Posted by Dan Pope on 19/02/15 09:07
Here at Fluidata we continually strive to offer our customers a range of products that provide both high-speed Internet connections and value for money. This is why we have created VOX, BURST and PULSE to name a few, each of which has been designed to provide results regardless of our clients’ requirements or connectivity capabilities.

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Launch of our bonded FTTC - PureFluid PULSE

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/05/12 12:13
Fluidata are delighted to announce the launch of our new bonded FTTC service.

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Office closure over Christmas & New Year

Posted by Dan Pope on 02/12/11 11:24
We will be taking orders up until Friday the 23rd December 2011. After that day there will be no sales or provisioning department available, support however will continue as normal. The office will reopen on 3rd January 2012.

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Businesses suffer internet loss during the day

Posted by Dan Pope on 04/10/11 13:45
According to reports yesterday over 5% (275,000) BT customers lost connectivity due to a power failure at a major BT exchange in the Birmingham area. Connections started to drop 13:00 and most residential customers began to see their services logging back on 15:00 onwards.

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Defining an SLA

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/06/11 10:35
In the business world, network redundancy has been high on the agenda post 9/11. We’re in an age where businesses are increasingly reliant upon technology to underpin their day to day operation; prolonged network failures are more costly than ever before.

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EFM provides options for business

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/06/11 09:00
Fluidata provide for a wide range of clients - from small tech start up’s to large enterprise organisations. Over the last 5 years we’ve helped hundreds of these organisations achieve fast, reliable, low contended internet utilising lower cost DSL based technologies.

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SMEs using domestic broadband lose out!

Posted by Dan Pope on 30/03/11 10:52
It is a message that our Account Managers try to communicate every day! This week has seen a revival of the campaign against domestic broadband in the workplace. New figures suggest that SMEs using domestic broadband may appear to be making savings, but ends up costing British firms £357m in lost labour and 32.4 million hours per month of staff downtime.

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Playroom is ready!

Posted by Dan Pope on 26/05/09 09:00
We have just launched our “Playroom” at our sales office in London. If you are currently looking to change your services or would like to experience another product then our demo room is the perfect place to start. The idea is to deliver all our products from ADSL2+, SDSL, Advance, PureFluid and even fibre into this room so you can see firsthand how the services perform. You can even bring along your own equipment to test with.

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