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‘Twitter Crimes’ and freedom of speech on the internet

Posted by Dan Pope on Aug 28, 2013 10:00:28 AM

One of the many ways in which the internet has altered society is the platform it has provided us all upon which we can have ‘our say’. From consumers using twitter to complain about the poor customer service of their mobile phone provider, to the way in which citizens harnessed social media to topple repressive regimes during the Arab Spring, the internet has given ordinary people a voice they may not have had before. For democracy and the rights of citizens this is undoubtedly a positive, but there is of course another side to handing people the power to broadcast what they want, when they want to the world.


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Are you in need of a Digital Detox?

Posted by Dan Pope on Aug 1, 2013 11:21:52 AM

When we think of addiction we normally think of drugs, alcohol, gambling; age old vices that have and often in cohorts with one another, exercised a pernicious grip over millions of victims from the ordinary to the star-studded. But what about more modern addictions, 21st century addictions, ones which (not to play down the severity of them) just don’t sound as intoxicating, as ravaging, as ruinous. I’m talking addictions to shopping or showering, to a certain type of ricotta cheese, addiction to Sagittarius men. The most symptomatic of the world we live in now - ’Digital Addiction’.


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