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The Battle between BT and TalkTalk

Posted by Dan Pope on 26/09/14 09:13

Improving Internet speeds across the UK is proving to be a longwinded process as certain companies are currently monopolising the market and failing to provide their customers with adequate services. BT in particular has been criticised for providing sub-standard Internet speeds, which is why the regulatory body Ofcom has recently launched an investigation into the ISP.


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Competition for York

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/05/14 14:29

Earlier this April, TalkTalk and Sky revealed their plan to form a coalition with CityFibre to build an ultra-fast broadband network in the city of York.


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Is the Internet Code of Practice a good idea?

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/08/12 12:58

The topic of net neutrality has been hot in the press in recent years and more so in the past few; not only have there been legislations put in place to block illegal websites, such as pirate bay. But, last week saw the release of a new voluntary Open Internet Code of Practice (OICP); its presence is designed to tackle the concerns surrounding net neutrality. Members are to ensure that the internet is ‘full and open’. The code, however, has received a mixed response from UK ISP’s.


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Pirate Bay Blockade: The latest tussle between record labels and the internet

Posted by Dan Pope on 14/06/12 15:00

TalkTalk confirmed this week that they have officially joined the ‘Pirate Bay Blockade’, becoming the fifth ISP do to so (along with SKY, Virgin Media and O2) following an April High Court hearing which ordered ISP’s to block the infamous bit torrent website. BT are expected to follow suit imminently.


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