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40 Year Anniversary for another key internet technology

Posted by Dan Pope on Jan 11, 2013 9:10:38 AM

As the previous article on the anniversary of TCP/IP alludes to, the dramatic development of information technology in the past half-century has left more than one person’s achievements forgotten. Until 1997 that was the case for Clifford Cocks, who (along with James Ellis and Malcolm Williamson) first developed the widely-used encryption protocol, now known as RSA.


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Internet is 30 years old

Posted by Dan Pope on Jan 4, 2013 3:31:58 PM

The gravity of January 1st 1983 continues to slip under the radar for most. Much like Danny Boyle’s nod to Tim Berners-Lee in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, or the work done by Bob Metcalfe in the development of Ethernet technology, the significance of “Flag Day” will be lost on those not familiar with the great breakthroughs made in the development of the Internet over the past half-century.


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