Top 5 Hosted Voice Products

Posted by SAS on Jan 7, 2019 11:43:00 AM

Buying a hosted voice solution is more than just picking up a product off the shelf. With every deployment comes a level of customisation to suit your business requirements. Whether your niche sits in the CRM you operate or the contact centre that suits above your telephony, there is a wide set of products to bolt-on to your core telephony stack.

Once you have understood the needs of each department or business function, you can start to piece together your solution with your provider. We’ve listed some of the best software and hardware integrations and add-ons that you should expect to see when designing your implementation.

Go Integrator

No doubt, you have an application that your business deems irreplaceable. When your users live and breathe in something like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Lotus, it’s important that every new technology you introduce not just coexists but enhances the experience.

Go Integrator makes your business critical application work harder by joining up the communication and application experiences. From functionality like click to dial to screen popping, integration capabilities make your original application do more than you thought possible.

Rather than introducing new functionality like a phone system into the office, you can roll out hosted voice features direct into the application of your choosing. Users hate change but love a feature update.

Dubber Call Recording

Traditional call recording services have always had their place in a telephony solution. For training purposes or to satisfy PCI, MIFID II & Dodd-Frank compliance requirements, cloud call recording ticks all the right boxes. With sharing, filtering and tagging options after the call, recording is a service that client facing organisations take for granted.

Where Dubber is different to your standard call recording service is the functionality you receive when you explore the service further than simple call recording. Dubber gives you access to your call recordings from mobile devices through its iOS and Android compatibility. This means you no longer need to be in the office to access your call recordings, resulting in increased productivity and no long wait times for a supervisor.

The extraordinary element associated with Dubber call recording sits in the Zoe intelligence engine. Key features include Smart Search and Sentiment Analysis.

Smart Search allows users to search their calls in an instant, and setup keywords for automated processes. Sentiment analysis will establish the mood of the caller and observe how this changes throughout the conversation. This information allows Dubber to identify and reward specific customer service agents who consistently transform complaints into positive outcomes.

Business will also have the potential to realise limitless use cases via an open API.


During and after a call, there is a lot of data to digest. Akixi provides call management and call analytics to satisfy both scenarios and to makes consuming mountains of data easier for IT and business managers. With over 200 sets of historical and real-time call statistics, dials, alarms, charts and desktop wallboards, your hosted voice platform is no longer just for making calls.

With Akixi, you get the power to react in real-time to events such managing missed calls to ensure every customer is called back, as well as pro-active information to alert you when set queues exceed their thresholds.

After the event, the information remains available and helps you identify peak periods, business patterns and trends in the customer journey.

Akixi is also available as an app on your smartphone to enable you to manage and report on your calls when you’re not at your desk.


When a phone call is not enough, video conferencing is the perfect alternative to a face to face meeting. BlueJeans provides a simple, immersive and fast meeting experience that connects people from anywhere on any device.

Sitting on top of your phone system, or interconnected with it, BlueJeans provides a cost effective video meeting solution full of enterprise functionality.

Rather than requiring new kit to enable video conferencing, BlueJeans is interoperable with Dolby, Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize and any other H.323 or SIP-based room systems. This introduces video and web conferencing to your business whilst leveraging your existing endpoints.

Within BlueJeans, you can benefit from features such as HD video, content sharing and intelligent meeting scheduling. Users can connect on-net so there is no need for expensive conference bridges or crackly audio. Without the requirement to download any software, BlueJeans allows you to instantly join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting from a conference room, your desk or a remote location.

BlueJeans integrates into Office 365, Outlook and Google. This means you can add a video meeting to a calendar invite without entering pin codes, conference IDs and passwords. You simply hit the “Add BlueJeans Meeting” icon and away you go. 

Polycom RealPresence Trio

When you decide that you do need new conferencing equipment, the most superior option on the market is the Polycom RealPresence Trio.

The Polycom RealPresence Trio delivers the best audio experience from the huddle room to the boardroom - making every conversation, every spoken word just that much clearer. Not only does RealPresence Trio provide greater sound quality than any other device, it also serves as a smart hub for group collaboration. The Polycom RealPresence Trio introduces simple and visual collaboration to spaces that were previously unworkable.

When words aren’t enough, and you need to share your ideas visually, RealPresence Trio is the only smart hub flexible enough to include HD content sharing from your own device. This could be your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

It is often cited that nothing can take the place of a face to face meeting. With the combination of BlueJeans and a Polycom RealPresence Trio, you are extremely close. The Polycom RealPresence Trio can support a 1080p30 USB camera for next generation business communications.


When designing your hosted voice solution, there are a lot of components to take note of. This list comprises the best of breed components most frequently seen in a hosted voice deployment.

But every business is different. To start building your solution, book a call with one of our hosted voice experts. We’d be thrilled to see which of these components can start transforming your business.


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