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Will Brooks, Enterprise Sales Director

Will is an experienced Sales Director with a proven track record of managing teams selling IT and connectivity Solutions in channel, direct, new business and client management situations in markets including server infrastructure, storage, virtualisation, Managed Services and more recently Cloud, connectivity and Unified Communications. Will's management style is to actively encourage and create an environment that drives individual and team success, understanding strengths that ultimately benefit individuals and the business. At FluidOne Will looks after the Acquisition, Account Management and Strategic Partner teams.

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Is now the right time to consider redesigning my Wide Area Network?

Posted by Will Brooks, Enterprise Sales Director on 29/06/20 10:46

The Situation:

Over the past few months, Covid-19 has impacted us all in many different ways. Something we can all relate to is that it has changed the way that we work, with different locations and enforced home working, altering the way that we all access data.

I have been speaking to customers over the past few weeks about how they are planning for the new normal and have been hearing several common thoughts. These include reviewing the use of existing office space, adopting a much more accepting and flexible approach to working from home, a clear appetite for greater flexibility when it comes to new locations in the future and working to ensure that data is accessible securely for the people that need it.  

For some organisations these unprecedented circumstances have validated recently implemented cloud strategies, for others, it has accelerated plans to adopt more flexibility in their IT infrastructure and for many, it has made them sit up and consider what the future should look like. Regardless of which camp you sit in it does not hurt to reflect on the learnings of the past few months and build them into an ongoing strategy.


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By breaking our habits are we breaking technology… …. or is technology finally allowing us to break our work habits?

Posted by Will Brooks, Enterprise Sales Director on 16/04/20 09:45

When I look back on my career there will be events and dates that have significance. The 16th March 2020 was the day we suspended access to the FluidOne office because of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK and I’m sure that it will be remembered as the day that changed the way we work forever.


Topic connected COVID-19 Coronavirus continuity

What are the challenges for continuity of work thrown up by Coronavirus and how will they change the way we work in the future?

Posted by Will Brooks, Enterprise Sales Director on 31/03/20 08:58

You will have seen many articles in recent weeks that talk about working from home (WFH) as if it’s a brand new concept, clearly, this is a very different time with extended pressures on technology, but as we and a number of our clients at FluidOne already have systems in place, I wanted to put together a guide that looks at the things your business should be considering, both today and after the pandemic.


Topic connected COVID-19 Coronavirus continuity