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Work Experience is Koala Tea!

Posted by Libby Clifford & Patricia Tomkins on May 24, 2018 10:51:36 AM

At FluidOne we really believe in supporting and mentoring young individuals in order to prepare for the work place. This week we took on two A-level students with a keen interest in our business and how we function. This is their firsthand experience:

Our time at FluidOne:

With no expectations of what we would do or participate in, we’ve gained invaluable experience and a deeper insight into how the telecoms industry operates and the people behind the scenes. We found the shadowing of different people in different departments to be an enthralling part of our work experience. Their expertise within the industry and their network of partnerships allowed them to share with us all its quirks - we feel very lucky.

On our first day, we were welcomed with open arms into the HR department, with this; we gaiblog pic-4ned awareness on the reality of the business and how the employees are managed and maintained within the company. The guidance we received and being thrown into the world of interviews, recruitment and personal development, allowed us to witness a professional perspective on how to stand out against fierce competition.

Being in the office surrounded by around 70 people gives you a real understanding of the industry. You get an exclusive insight into the way it all works, the understanding of the teamwork and being treated like an actual adult. The time and honesty we received enabled us to have a genuine reflection on the role of human resources and how without it the employee engagement and interactions just would not be the same.

Day two introduced us to the PA department and the hectic but crucial role it really plays. The attributes you have to have are never ending and something that is truly underestimated. From communication to flexibility, to always keeping a positive mind is something that we appreciate.

The events, activities and incentives within the company are what push the employees to achieve such admirable targets- distinguishing FluidOne from other businesses (hence the ranking of 17th best small companies to work for.) The Christmas party, Office get-togethers and annual getaways for top performers are events that everyone looks forward to all down to the PA’s hard work behind the scenes. Shadowing the PA gave us a great representation of the organisation within FluidOne.

Wednesday faced us with a challenge- the unfamiliar grounds of the tech industry. With this, we were encouraged as women (where perhaps there’s an unconscious bias) that the world is changing and females are filling the IT skills gap with talent that will be crucial to pursuing innovation and keeping up with the changes in the digital landscape in years to come. In FluidOne there’s an exception- the women are vocal about their expertise meaning that everyone in the workplace experiences equal opportunities and consults each other whether they’re male or female. Here no one is undervalued for their abilities.

Our Overall Experience- How it has benefited us:

Through the varying days we have been here we have been part of the FluidOne community and the welcoming atmosphere has rubbed off on us. We are aware that it’s a unique experience due to the rarity of the fact that each individual we’ve worked with has allocated us their time, out of their schedules, to give us vital life skills for the workplace. We are extremely grateful and thank everyone at FluidOne; it has benefited us no-end. For any future individuals who are considering work experience here, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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