How To Prevent The Rising Ransomware Attacks On Healthcare Organisations

Posted by James Griffiths on Sep 28, 2022 04:57:25 PM

The number of ransomware attacks has risen sharply in recent years, in every industry, from hospitality firms to the energy sector. Ransomware has the potential to be devastating to any business, ruining their reputation, leaking their secrets, and costing them vast amounts of money, but it’s the healthcare sector that faces the greatest threat, as cyber attacks could leave lives hanging in the...

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A Cyber Essentials Update Is Coming On 24th January: Are You Ready?

Posted by James Griffiths on Jan 14, 2022 03:55:24 PM

Rapid digital transformation, mass adoption of cloud-based services and migration to home-working were necessary changes for businesses to survive the pandemic that’s held the world captive for the past two years. These dramatic changes over a short period of time presented cybercriminals with new opportunities for exploitation.

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