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Theft of company data and how organisations can guard against it

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/10/13 13:58
Employee data theft is on the rise. Reports last month, based on EMV research, tell us the number of thefts of confidential information cases heard at the high court has risen by 58% in the last year and by a staggering 5,000% since 2006.

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Summer release of 4G set to provide opportunity for retail, but smaller stores could suffer.

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/03/13 16:34
A study recently completed by retail analysts has suggested that the birth of 4G in the UK could have a major impact on retailers; with experts predicting it likely to increase retail spending by up to “£1.8 billion a year”.

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BT entering a Niche to get a hearty slice of the 4G pie

Posted by Dan Pope on 27/02/13 08:45
At the end of a complex bidding process, the 4G auction has its victors and has raised £2.34bn for the public purse. About 90% less than the price paid at the 3G sale 13 years ago - at the height of the dot-com bubble. It's also more than £1bn short of what the chancellor estimated in his autumn statement. The relatively modest amounts raised by the auction may well be attributable to the limited success enjoyed by EE since launching the 4G service. Results published last week for EE’s financial end of year show contract net additions actually falling by over a third in 2012 Q4. It’s been suggested that this may be down to the way EE have been pricing their data bundles; offering only the same amount of data as on 3G platforms (resulting in customers running out of data early within the contracted month). The recent reduction in the price of EE’s most basic tariff (by £5 a month) may well be a move to remedy these perceived short comings.

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2012 Year in Review

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/01/13 08:30
In many ways the late naughties and the early part of this decade (what are we calling this one by the way?) have been characterised by what’s wrong with this country: the recession, the riots, union strikes, press misdemeanours and expenses scandals. And while 2012 has not been bereft of such of problems, it has been punctuated by events – The Jubilee, The Olympics and the Paralympics - that to many people’s surprise and even more’s delight, cut a swathe through all the gloom and cynicism and for a few short, golden weeks made everyone feel… well a bit better; about life and about Britain - Great Britain.

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The Olympic technology legacy

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/07/12 08:51
With The Olympics now a tantalising 4 days away we discuss what kind of technological legacy the games might leave behind.

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Launch of our bonded FTTC - PureFluid PULSE

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/05/12 12:13
Fluidata are delighted to announce the launch of our new bonded FTTC service.

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The business case for 4G

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/01/12 15:27
Read our latest opinion piece:

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Another dimension to disaster recovery (FD 3G)

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/06/11 15:40
Fluidata have expanded our product portfolio of late to reach outside the confines of the office, Fluidata are now offering 3G for your mobile working needs.

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Defining an SLA

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/06/11 10:35
In the business world, network redundancy has been high on the agenda post 9/11. We’re in an age where businesses are increasingly reliant upon technology to underpin their day to day operation; prolonged network failures are more costly than ever before.

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EFM provides options for business

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/06/11 09:00
Fluidata provide for a wide range of clients - from small tech start up’s to large enterprise organisations. Over the last 5 years we’ve helped hundreds of these organisations achieve fast, reliable, low contended internet utilising lower cost DSL based technologies.

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