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Why The Future Of The Metaverse Depends On Its Security

Posted by Guest Blogger on 27/05/22 12:10

The metaverse has been making headlines recently, with its promises of merging the digital and physical world. It’s something that sci-fi books and films have been promising for decades now, but it’s only in the past few months that people like Mark Zuckerberg have started talking about it, calling it the “successor to the mobile internet.” While it could change the way we interact with each other, the new technology could create many more opportunities for cyber criminals. Whether or not the metaverse is a success really depends on how secure it is.


Topic Technology cyber security AR VR metaverse

The Hi-Tech Hotel

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/10/14 17:25

As technology becomes more and more pervasive in all parts of society; playing an integral part in how we work rest and play, Hotels wanting to keep ahead of the curve have become keen adopters of the latest hi-tech technology.


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Are you connected?

Posted by Dan Pope on 27/03/14 09:16

Technology and connectivity has rapidly become ingrained in our day-to-day lives. Looking around me on the crowded tube this morning, I would say 90% of my fellow commuters had headphones in listening to MP3s, or hunched over a smartphone flicking through Facebook or playing a game. Admittedly I did have to look up from my own smartphone to see them. There is a growing group that are taking the next step in integrating technology into everyday activities. Ideas previously bandied around in sci-fi films, novels and computer games of only a few years ago are now becoming reality.


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Sochi, the Data Games

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/02/14 14:36

This year’s Winter Olympics are harnessing Omega technology used in Formula One to transmit data directly from bobsleighs racing to the finish line, including information on speed, G-force and vertical track positioning. This utilisation of technology has made the 2014 Sochi Games the most technologically advanced Games in history. According to Peter Hurzeler of Omega these units were initially developed three years ago and the battle ever since has been to ensure that the technology is as lightweight as possible to ensure it would be cleared for use at the Olympics. Technology has not been limited to use only at the bobsleigh contest, however, with both speed skating and cross-country skiing contests also benefitting and the majority of results becoming automated.


Topic Bandwidth bobsled Network Patrick Adiba 2014 data devices Russia Games News Omega Sochi Winter Olympic Technology

Shake Hands with the Future: UIs Go Atomic

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/12/13 12:10

Arguably, the user interfaces of the future will be defined by the physical limitations of the screen. Creating a compelling user experience within a finite (and limited) space without compromising on usability is the perennial challenge for mobile device and TV manufacturers. But when witnessing the rise of the wearable technology trend, coupled with recently leaked pictures of the LG Flex’s controversial ‘curved’ screen design, the notion of the ‘traditional’ pixel-based user interface must evolve.


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Dial up finally unplugged

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/09/13 11:09

Earlier this week BT brought the curtain down on dial up internet; marking the end of the connectivity technology that many of us enjoyed our nascent furrows on the internet with.


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Does technology always push society forward

Posted by Dan Pope on 03/08/11 08:50

History teaches us that progress is at the very heart of human nature and society. Progress may not always preset itself as linear, it may be cyclical or even - if we subscribe to the theories of Hegel or Marx - dialectical, yet society, we are taught, always moves forward – in science, in philosophy, in liberty, in modernity etc.


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