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Leading The Future Of Network Security

Posted by Guest Blogger on 15/03/22 12:09

Network security, whether in a home or business setting, is absolutely vital. We all know that without some form of security solution our network is at risk of a cyber security breach,  which could compromise personal and business data such as financial data, confidential documents, or private client contact information.

As the world we live in becomes smarter, faster, and more connected, the importance of a secure network connection is more prevalent than ever before. Here, we take a closer look at what we believe is the future of network security and explore how FluidOne and our partners are working together to develop a world that can stay connected safely.

With 5G and SD-WAN, businesses can improve their network security.

The importance of network security in our hyper-connected world

Recent developments in both technology and communications have put enormous pressure on our connectivity solutions. Thanks to the development of smart technology and the internet of things (IoT), we are becoming increasingly reliant on digital connections in our everyday lives. After all, as our devices become more advanced and we look to transfer more data across them, the faster, safer and more efficient our network needs to be. The more reliant we are on these connections, the less we can afford for a cyber attack to break them down. 

What’s more, the implementation of 5G has completely transformed the telecoms industry, alongside the infrastructure that underpins it. As explained in our previous blog on the subject, the advent of 5G has many potential benefits - from faster internet speeds to more advanced VR and AR applications. Legacy connectivity solutions are gradually being replaced by 5G-ready Open RAN architecture, and as our 5G roll-out continues, a much larger connectivity surface area is being created. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news, as there are some downsides to the widespread use of 5G. Although it will be able to handle more devices than any previous network, this also means that there’ll be far more entry points and opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit and attack.

It’s not just 5G that’s transforming the networking landscape. SD-WAN, or a software-defined wide area network, adds an extra layer of software-defined intelligence and automation to typical wide area networks (otherwise known as WAN). As internet traffic has become more cloud-based in recent years, SD-WAN can make your connections even more secure. With a virtual network architecture instead of physical routers and devices, SD-WAN can be quickly and simply updated, reducing costs and improving bandwidth efficiency at the same time. It’s also more secure - you can update security policies for the whole network from one place and scale them for a growing business, and deploy virtual firewalls in real-time.

It is clear that we need advanced network security solutions to secure the future of our open and connected networks, to keep our private data private, and to keep the connections we’ve become so reliant on running as smoothly as possible. But how is this possible?


What we can do to help you

At FluidOne, we’re working hard to provide network security solutions, and have a dedicated cyber security team in our partners, Cyber Security Associates. It was recently revealed that last year, cyber attacks on corporate networks increased by 50%, with some organisations facing 925 attacks each week. It’s more important than ever to shore up your cyber defences and make sure that your business isn’t one of the ones affected by this rising number of attacks.

With the assistance of CSA, we offer a range of services to our customers, including consulting and implementing bespoke security policies that have been designed to suit your business and your needs. CSA can also offer cyber assessments, testing your defences to find out if there are gaps in your security that you might not have ever known about. With their Ransomware Attack Simulation Service, they can even mimic an attack to demonstrate what would happen if there really was a cyber attack, so you can be better prepared and more aware of where any vulnerabilities might lie. They’ll monitor your networks and offer 24/7 protection from their Security Operations Centre, making you aware of any threats and dealing with them before they become truly dangerous to you or your data.


If you want to find out more about FluidOne and the other networking solutions we offer or learn more about how you can boost your own network security and keep your information secure wherever you're connected, then get in touch.

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