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Stay Connected Over Christmas With FluidOne

Posted by Guest Blogger on 19/12/22 16:20
Christmas has always been a challenging time for all kinds of businesses - not only are there colder temperatures, fewer people in the office, and more pressure to make sales but added threat of cyber attacks and lost internet connections can make it difficult to maintain that Christmas spirit. Don’t lose hope, though - as a market-leading provider of connected cloud solutions, we offer a range of solutions to help all businesses rise to the challenge and navigate a successful Christmas. 

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Getting from A to B: Top 3 Solutions for Transport and Logistics

Posted by Guest Blogger on 25/04/22 12:29
Recent advances in technology have helped to create an ever more connected world, transforming businesses and even entire industries. In the transport and logistics sector, connected cloud solutions have been a game-changer, and if you’re in the industry, here are the top three ways in which these solutions could help your business. 

Topic IOT SD-WAN cyber security Transport & Logistics

SD-WAN Trends And How To Make The Most Of Them

Posted by Guest Blogger on 20/04/22 09:52
Software-defined wide area networks, or SD-WAN, have seen a rapid take up in recent years. The rise in remote working, and working from home, has seen many businesses and organisations turn to SD-WAN to solve their biggest problem - how to reduce the cost and complexity of extending their WAN to remote workers.

Topic SD-WAN 5G connectivity automation

Leading The Future Of Network Security

Posted by Guest Blogger on 15/03/22 12:09
Network security, whether in a home or business setting, is absolutely vital. We all know that without some form of security solution our network is at risk of a cyber security breach,  which could compromise personal and business data such as financial data, confidential documents, or private client contact information.

Topic Network 5G SD-WAN cyber security

What is SASE, and Why Do You Need It?

Posted by Guest Blogger on 04/03/22 14:31
We’re in the middle of a technological revolution, with more powerful computers processing data faster and better than ever, and machine learning and artificial intelligence making it easier to automate processes and streamline workloads. Cloud computing technologies have made it possible for people to access files both when working from the office and from home. As workforces have shifted to hybrid working, networks have become more complex, and businesses now need to worry about keeping their whole cloud network secure - and SASE is the answer.

Topic Firewalls Network SD-WAN SASE

Build your SD-WAN on FluidOne

Posted by Nick Shepperd, Head of Product on 16/01/20 11:03
SD-WAN is the ultimate buzz word in the market, so we would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it. Just in case you haven’t, SD-WAN is the next generation of networking services offering a new range of hardware, with configuration and controls hosted in the cloud, bringing new levels of visibility and control to customers and service providers beyond traditional services. All the talk around it has made us think about our channel customers and how they are embracing SD-WAN, and the move to cloud-based services. With a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% until 2022 the opportunity is huge for SD-WAN. However, like all networking products, it starts with the importance of the underlay to build your services on. In a market where there is so much focus on price in a race to the bottom it’s important to remember that 42% of businesses are now using cloud-based services which rely on reliable, fast, and low latency connectivity*. With this in mind, we have pulled together our top reasons for building your SD-WAN on the right connectivity solution:

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How to choose between DIY vs Managed SD WAN

Posted by SAS on 23/12/19 15:53
Given that SD WAN promises to make networks simple, people sometimes wonder whether they can move to SD WAN and then manage the network themselves. 

Topic SD-WAN

They said SD WAN was easy! DIY vs Managed SD WAN

Posted by SAS on 23/12/19 14:23
They said SD WAN was easy! One of the promises people make about SD WAN is that it will make our lives easier.  It will orchestrate the network, choose routes that give the best performance, distribute patches and updates automatically and replace the command line with a graphical interface. 

Topic SD-WAN

SD WAN - Performance Benefits

Posted by SAS on 18/04/19 15:52
In this post we discuss how SD WAN brings a number of benefits to the performance of a WAN.   We show how SD WAN can deliver better performance from twin circuits, how it can improve application performance with real time application routing and path conditioning, and how it can allow you to remove Class of Service from your underlying MPLS or VPLS network.

Topic SD-WAN

SD WAN - In-Life Management Benefits

Posted by SAS on 17/01/19 12:18
In this short post we discuss how SD WAN brings a number of benefits to the in-life management of a WAN.  We show how SD WAN can reduce the administrative burden of changes and how it can improve application troubleshooting.

Topic SD-WAN