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Managed Hosting & the Future of IT

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/10/14 15:53
These days even small businesses are starting to benefit from managed hosting as not only does it help them save money but also ensures their data is secure at all times. However, large companies have been using this form of technology for years in order to expand their businesses and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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Working on Air: Secure Cloud Computing

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/09/14 11:00
Since Apple’s iCloud was hacked and certain users’ personal information was leaked online a number of users and business owners have become concerned over the security of cloud based products. This is one of the reasons why Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was quick to claim that the hacks had not been system-wide and that users’ data was safe, however he added: “When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could we have done, I think about the awareness piece ... I think we have a responsibility to ratchet that up. That's not really an engineering thing.”

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Internet Censorship around the World

Posted by Dan Pope on 08/08/14 11:42
When it comes to Internet censorship there are generally two contrasting opinions: some believe that it is necessary in order to protect nations and stop individuals posting harmful material online, while others believe that the Internet should be open and that there should be little or no restrictions. Governments in particular often have the first opinion when it comes to Internet censorship, especially those that are concerned that by publishing information online individuals may damage their reputation. This is why numerous governments around the world have implemented online censorship laws, and here Fluidata looks at some of the most controversial:

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Sochi, the Data Games

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/02/14 14:36
This year’s Winter Olympics are harnessing Omega technology used in Formula One to transmit data directly from bobsleighs racing to the finish line, including information on speed, G-force and vertical track positioning. This utilisation of technology has made the 2014 Sochi Games the most technologically advanced Games in history. According to Peter Hurzeler of Omega these units were initially developed three years ago and the battle ever since has been to ensure that the technology is as lightweight as possible to ensure it would be cleared for use at the Olympics. Technology has not been limited to use only at the bobsleigh contest, however, with both speed skating and cross-country skiing contests also benefitting and the majority of results becoming automated.

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Theft of company data and how organisations can guard against it

Posted by Dan Pope on 10/10/13 13:58
Employee data theft is on the rise. Reports last month, based on EMV research, tell us the number of thefts of confidential information cases heard at the high court has risen by 58% in the last year and by a staggering 5,000% since 2006.

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