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What is SASE, and Why Do You Need It?

Posted by Guest Blogger on 04/03/22 14:31

We’re in the middle of a technological revolution, with more powerful computers processing data faster and better than ever, and machine learning and artificial intelligence making it easier to automate processes and streamline workloads. Cloud computing technologies have made it possible for people to access files both when working from the office and from home. As workforces have shifted to hybrid working, networks have become more complex, and businesses now need to worry about keeping their whole cloud network secure - and SASE is the answer.


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The Vulnerability of Internet Explorer

Posted by Dan Pope on 01/08/14 11:00

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the most popular Internet browser in the world, however over the years it has lost a number of users to competitors such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not been able to keep up when it comes to plugins and features for Internet Explorer, and recent news has also suggested that it is also more prone to hackers than any other browser.


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9 Days to prevent Malware Attacks

Posted by Dan Pope on 06/06/14 14:40

The battle between government bodies and cybercriminals is impossible for either side to win, as even though cybercriminals are regularly caught and prosecuted it is impossible to prevent future attacks and new groups forming. One of the biggest problems government bodies are facing when trying to ‘police’ the Internet (if policing it is even possible) is the fact that cybercriminal groups are generally formed of individuals from various countries who have the skills to hide their identities and avoid detection.


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Where will you be watching the 2012 Olympic games from?

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/12/11 09:57

The London Olympics 2012 is the next most exciting event since Common Wealth 2002. The games will open on 27th July at the Olympic parks and Village in Strafford and will run until the closing ceremony on 12th August. There will then be a two week transition period before the Paralympics Games open on 29th August running for 11 days. Over 10.8 million tickets have been allocated for the 27 day period which will spread across a total of 34 venues and about quarter of the ticket holders will descend on London from overseas. However if you are one of the unlucky ones that didn’t get a ticket, where will you be watching the games from?


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