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How “Transparent” is the UK Government?

Posted by Dan Pope on 23/01/15 10:46
The word ‘transparency’ is becoming, ironically, more convoluted these days as governments across the world are addressing the balance between Internet privacy and security. However, it’s not just users’ information that may have more transparency in the future but also that of corporations and governments themselves. Furthermore, while influential politicians across the world are calling on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and social networking sites to be more transparent with their users’ data, users are campaigning for governments, ISPs and websites to be more transparent when it comes to what information they store.

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Will Political Tensions push Internet Surveillance plans?

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/01/15 11:33
The events that unfolded in Paris last week shocked the world, and even though the dust is yet to settle on this tragic incident there are already those asking what could have been done to prevent it. When it comes to terrorism there has been an ongoing claim by intelligence experts that the Internet needs to be more closely monitored in order to prevent such attacks from happening in the first place, with many believing that what happened in Paris should act as a catalyst.

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Privacy vs. Security – Finding the Right Balance

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/11/14 14:32
There is an old saying when it comes to information: knowledge is power. This is why the UK government is currently locked in a battle with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) over the amount of information they should legally be allowed to have access to, especially when it comes to those suspected of being involved in illegal activity. Over the past few months there have been numerous stories concerning terrorist groups across the world using the Internet to plan attacks as well as recruit new members, which is why the government wants greater access to users’ information.

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Toshiba creates the Home of the Future

Posted by Dan Pope on 24/10/14 12:22
Previously on Fluidata’s blog we wrote about the Internet of Things and how in the future nearly every device we own will be connected to an online network. There are certain benefits to this type of system such as the fact that menial tasks will be dealt with automatically and efficiently, however at the same time there are concerns that if the system is compromised whole towns and cities could be affected.

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Managed Hosting & the Future of IT

Posted by Dan Pope on 13/10/14 15:53
These days even small businesses are starting to benefit from managed hosting as not only does it help them save money but also ensures their data is secure at all times. However, large companies have been using this form of technology for years in order to expand their businesses and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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Shellshock bug could be ‘Worse than Heartbleed’

Posted by Dan Pope on 29/09/14 10:46
Shockwaves were sent through the online world last week as a new bug was uncovered, aptly named ‘Shellshock’. According to reports, nearly five hundred million computers have already been affected, which is why some are claiming that this new form of malware is worse than the Heartbleed bug discovered back in April which enabled hackers to gain access to millions of users’ passwords across the world.

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Working on Air: Secure Cloud Computing

Posted by Dan Pope on 16/09/14 11:00
Since Apple’s iCloud was hacked and certain users’ personal information was leaked online a number of users and business owners have become concerned over the security of cloud based products. This is one of the reasons why Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was quick to claim that the hacks had not been system-wide and that users’ data was safe, however he added: “When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could we have done, I think about the awareness piece ... I think we have a responsibility to ratchet that up. That's not really an engineering thing.”

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Bitcoin: What is it and how does it interact with Networks?

Posted by Dan Pope on 28/08/14 14:59
What is Bitcoin? Some have summarised it as the first decentralised digital currency, others the most simplistic way for online transactions to be carried out. Then there are those that have gone so far as to claim that it’s the future of our financial platform to which we will purchase goods online.

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Healthcare Providers targeted by Cyberattacks

Posted by Dan Pope on 21/08/14 13:18
Individuals and businesses tend to be the main targets of cyberattacks in the West, particularly those that hold data such as financial details which can be used by cybercriminals. However, recent reports have suggested that hackers are now targeting healthcare providers in the US, including Community Health Systems.

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Governments vs. Hackers

Posted by Dan Pope on 12/06/14 10:12
Just last week Fluidata reported on the GameOver Zeus botnet which had been compromised by the American National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI. However, even though these government bodies were able to stop this dangerous piece of malware, they admitted that after just two weeks they would likely lose control over it again. This is why so many governments are bringing in harsher punishments for those found committing various forms of cybercrime; however can they really help their citizens and the rest of the world?

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